Facade systems used in combination

Facade systems used in combination – a stunning complement to realise architectural vision, Ben Edmondson, Technical Director EWI Systems, Aliva UK comments.

Rainscreen cladding systems and External Wall Insulation used in striking combination are raising the bar on the art of the possible in architecture. As a market-leading facade specialist our facade systems used in pairs, trios and in quartet – are further pushing the boundaries in facade design.

Right on the Moneypenny

We worked with architect AEW to pair crisp white External Wall Insulation incorporating Expanded Polystyrene that wraps round the unique curves of a new build office HQ with unbroken lines alongside our bronze Alucovering aluminium cladding – used as feature detailing at the main entrance and to accentuate stunning picture windows.

The Moneypenny project in Wrexham, Wales, saw us install 5,000sqm of our EWI incorporating EPS in seamless, sweeping curves on a specially designed fixing system. Our BBA certified EWI was paired with 500sqm of Alucovering aluminium cladding in an anodised bronze colour, matched to the architect’s specifications. The bronze colourway creates crisp standout against the white External Wall Insulation, detailing that adds an extra dimension to the building’s aesthetic.

The aluminium used at the entrance of the building and within the large curtain wall system in the south elevation atrium, shows how the Alucovering aluminium cladding system can be integrated into opaque surfaces or next to External Wall Insulation. The overall effect of the combination is both elegant and timeless.

The thermal efficiency of External Wall Insulation incorporating EPS was a key consideration in the architect’s selection process. Its use enhances the building’s environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient design. The EWI’s self-cleaning and anti-algae staining properties ensure the building maintains its pristine finish for years to come.

We delivered every aspect of the facade design, from panel layouts and window details to the bespoke facade fixing system. Together with AEW, we jointly received an Architectural Design Award from the Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) for the flagship project.

Moneypenny is the UK’s leading provider of outsourced telephone and web-based communications. Its flagship office accommodates 1,000 employees over three floors, an award-winning office complex on a 10-acre plot that includes nature trails, orchards and gardens, to help positively contribute to the wellbeing of staff. It was named the Best Corporate Workplace in the North by the British Council for Offices.

A step-stone to brick slip beauty

The timeless elegance of natural stone, a cladding solution that evokes a sense of heritage combined with a high-end aesthetic is being used in beautiful complement on residential projects as a perfect bed-fellow to External Wall Insulation Mineral Wool and A1 clay brick slip projects.

The grace of our Toscana natural stone cladding tones and fossilised detailing alongside clay brick slips has created architectural standout on our facade projects for Unite Students, delivering on architect Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson’s vision.

London’s Hayloft Point features 800sqm of our large format natural stone rainscreen cladding, fitted onto our Ali Stone 3 substructure system. It includes 9,000sqm of textured cream, brown and red multi slips, in 15mm and 25mm thicknesses used to create the aesthetic for the flagship student accommodation in the heart of the capital. A project that was again recognised by INCA, winning the top award in the New Build EWI and Brick Effect category.

Working with the same architect, we supplied several hundred sqm of our Ali Stone 3, 30mm natural stone rainscreen cladding system on Unite Students’ Morriss House, in Nottingham. The stone system was used as an architectural complement to the EWI Mineral Wool and clay slip system – 8,000sqm of red and buff slips on the project which also including acute and obtuse angled slips and traditional corbel detailing.

Facade blending in Brighton
An absolute showcase in the art of the possible in facade system blending lies at our facade project in Hove Gardens, Brighton. A quartet of cladding solutions, it features four facades on a stunning private residential project that is changing the skyline.

Working with architect Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher, we have combined our Ali Stone 3 in two tones, white and dark grey, with our anodised Alucovering aluminium cladding in dark grey and A1 External Wall Insulation and green ceramic profiled tiles to create a medley of feature detailing. That is alongside an A1 External Wall Insulation system incorporating buff multi clay slips, which in a quartet of facades – creates definitive architectural standout.

Facade blending and cladding systems used in unique combination demonstrate the distinctiveness that can be delivered with a contemporary suite of solutions. Facades that are further pushing the boundaries of architectural possibility from system pairings to complete cladding collectives, facade collaborations are creating significant cut-through in the architectural solutions market.