Glass Reinforced Concrete and Ultra-High Performance Concrete

For contemporary, unique and entirely customised projects, Aliva’s decorative glass reinforced concrete (GRC) and Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) systems are the perfect choice for architectural freedom and ideal alternatives to pre-cast concrete.

Glass reinforced concrete

Glass reinforced concrete ensures a high aesthetic as well as providing a practical, economical, and long-lasting façade.

GRC panels boast superior compressive strength, are easy to install and lightweight which can help architects to achieve their desired look cost-effectively.

Glass reinforced concrete is also more weatherproof than standard concrete and thanks to its exceptional sustainability properties, has a BREEAM A+ rating.

Ultra-high performance concrete 

UHPC panels boast very high strength and endurance, providing high mechanical stability, outstanding physical characteristics, and excellent durability.

A cement-based composite material, it can be formulated to provide strengths in excess of 200 MPa and enables high economic efficiency thanks to its industrial production methodology.

Fire-resistant with class A1 rating, it has high thermal values and temperature stability. UHPC is also a good altnerative to natural stone, and thanks to its properties it does not require additional coating, and is resistant against the harshest weather conditions such as hail.

With its unique combination of properties and design flexibility, UHPC can be produced in both flat forms, different finishes and customised colours. It is an ideal choice for speed of construction, superior aesthetics and durability.

Bespoke finishes for GRC and UHPC

We offer endless possibilities for a bespoke finish with our GRC and UHPC panels with a huge array of intricate designs, textures and colours available.

Our vast range of decorative patterns make intricate designs possible and help to create an exceptional finish. The possibilities to transform your surface into a stylish, quality facade are endless.

We have a range of 250 plus versatile designs which can give an exact reproduction of any patterned or textured surface including stone, rock, wood, plaster, abstract, as well as a ribbed finish, wave textures, non-slip and broken effects to suit any façade.

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Abstract patterns offer unlimited freedom of design. Imaginative finishes can create geometric shapes, straight or diagonal lines and wild arrangements.

Stone & Masonry

Strong and powerful textures moulded to create the look of natural rock, rough stone, and rubble.


Wood effects come in a range of finishes including grain, bamboo, and reed – perfect for natural settings.


Inspired by the aesthetic of plaster, this effect emphasises the look of various plaster methods and can be further accentuated with colours.

Ribs & Waves

These straight-lined, chipped, broken, slanted ribs and wave finishes offer designers the perfect textures to add lightness or solidity to buildings.


An anti-slip texture that excels in giving a functional and attractive appearance with sand-like, rippled, and pimpled effects.