Aliva UK gives insight on its non-combustible cladding solutions

With a comprehensive range of non-combustible facades in both rainscreen and render finishes, Aliva UK has been helping a number of housing associations to address their cladding concerns following Grenfell.

  • Aliva UK has a series of non-combustible rainscreen cladding solutions with materials ranging from clay, glass, metal, ceramic to stone.
  • Its External Wall Insulation includes a range of solutions that can be used above 18m and tested to the BR 135 standard.

James Ormerod, Managing Director of Aliva UK, said:

We’ve been working with housing associations that have high rise homes to help address their cladding concerns following the terrible tragedy of Grenfell.

At this time, and while the cause of the fire is still to be determined, we have been advising Registered Social Landlords about cladding options that will help give their residents peace of mind about the walls around them.

Our comprehensive range of non-combustible solutions, combined with six decades of façade experience through our parent company, means we are able to offer genuine insight and guidance around fire safety, facades and Building Regulations at this time.

With a Public Inquiry ahead, and potential impact upon Building Regulations in the future, at Aliva UK we can say that if Building Regulations change, we will continue to ensure our solutions provide comfort and confidence.