Aberdeen Airport Holiday Inn Express

Customer Rollecate Facades Ltd
Architect Urban Innovations
Installation Contractor Rollecate Facades Ltd
Product Silcone insulated render

The brief

Architects responsible for the Holiday Inn Express hotel at Aberdeen Airport turned to Aliva UK to provide an insulated silicone render that would not only look stunning but would be highly durable. Aberdeen is used to experiencing extreme weather conditions and the hotel is very exposed to the elements. It is also in close proximity to the airport with all the associated pollution, and so there was an important requirement to provide a render that could self-clean. Architects wanted the 193-bed hotel to retain its fresh sharp and attractive appearance. It also needed to stand out as it will form a central hub, located just a five-minute walk from the busy airport and within easy reach of four key business parks.

What we did

Aliva UK had worked with the architects, White Ink, based in Belfast, on three other major hotel projects where insulated render had been specified: The Ibis in Brighton, Jury’s Inn, London and Premier Inn, Woking, and had no hesitation in turning to Aliva UK again. For this project Aliva UK provided insulated silicone render – in the white and grey colours specified. The insulated render meets modern thermal requirements, while providing a beautiful, weatherproof and long-lasting finish to external walls.

What makes it special

Silicone render has inherent self-cleaning properties. The silicone allows rainwater to bead on the surface which it can then run down, taking dirt and grime that would otherwise attach itself to the damp face of the building, with it. Added to this Aliva’s silicone insulated render has been formulated with algaecides and fungicides, and has also been proven to retain both the colour and sharpness for longer than standard textures. Aliva’s render systems have been awarded the Fraunhofer Institut fur Bauphysik certification for algae and fungal resistant coatings.