Telford Schools Project, Telford

Customer Telford Schools/Telford Wrekin Council
Developer Shepherd Construction
Architect Faulkner Browns
Installation Contractor JML
Product Insulated Render

The brief

To provide a cost-effective, insulated render façade for seven schools as part of Telford’s ‘Building Schools for the Future’ project. The bespoke finishes needed to be installed quickly over large areas, contribute to the energy efficiency of each building as well as adhering to branding guidelines.

What we did

After consultation with the customer, we suggested the Termok8® Minerale insulated render. It conformed to the brief for a European Class A fire rating and U-Value thermal properties, as well as giving a crisp, textured finish. Insulated render provides a bespoke finish that can be installed more quickly over large areas than more traditional materials such as brickwork. Aliva’s solution allowed the contractor to keep to a tight schedule of delivery deadlines to complete a range of schools within the Telford area.

What makes it special

The render provides a clean and colourful appearance across an extensive envelope and sits well within with the Telford schools branding guidelines, which specify facing brick, insulated render or metal cladding. Despite the requirement for each building to be within the council guidelines, each building had pantone matched colours to link in with the school’s branding to give them an individual appearance.

What they say


Using insulated render across all seven schools enabled us to achieve a high quality, contemporary aesthetic, combined with a consistency of performance and detailing. By varying the colours and proportions of the render in each of the schools, we were also able to create a unique appearance for each of the schemes Stephen Clendenning, of Faulkner Browns