EWI and ceramic slips

Here a traditional method literally meets modern art.

Using our clay Listello Slips we are able to glaze not only to any RAL, NCS, Pantone and colour scan but also to bespoke designs (quantity depending). Our Listello Slips are literally larger than life, with our standard slips larger than UK sizes, in both flat and profiled finishes, just let your imagination go wild.

As seen at: Fahrweid, Switzerland

The elegance and quality of our Listelos+ system are reflected in this residential complex located on the outskirts of Zurich, in Switzerland. Our Simple 6×30, Colina I 6×30 and Colina II 6×30 cover the facades with a smooth and pleasant texture.

The delicate combination of colours, Grey Tucson and Beige Dayton are enhanced with the intense Violet Lima, blending in with the local surroundings beautifully thanks to a finish full of balance and harmony.