EWI and lightweight brick slips

A new approach to using brick slips in a slim version that looks identical to traditional slips, it offers a lightweight solution that can also be used without height restrictions.

This range allows specifiers to develop their own brick and size to give an exclusive feel to their façade. The range consists of both UK and European brick sizes.

Aliva UK’s EWI and lightweight slip system transformed a tired 1960s office block into high-end residential apartment blocks and commercial spaces in Warrington for Torus Developments.

The existing building was concrete framed and in need of concrete repairs, with a brick infill wall with a minimal cavity behind which provided a poor existing U-Value of 1.2W/m2k.

Aliva provided its Termok8 Minerale Modular Flex Lightweight System comprising of 90mm Mineral Wool insulation, reinforced cementitious basecoat render and a lightweight brick slip to achieve 0.28W/m2k.

The lightweight slips consisted of a red multi and a buff-coloured slip and feature heads, cills and reveals. They were complemented by the projecting feature bands that were formed using a thicker section of Mineral Wool insulation with a textured finish and a taped joint to replicate a stone joint.

This project, featuring 2,000sqm of EWI and lightweight slips, was recognised in the INCA 2021 awards, scooping the winner’s title in the best refurbishment category.

As seen at: Crosby Gardens, Sefton

A new lease of life was given to a former 1960s office block in Sefton, transforming the building into high end apartments.

Aliva’s Termok8 Minerale Modular Flex Lightweight System was deployed to cover the existing concrete frame and brick outer shell. The system was a perfect solution for the brief, which included a need to retain and improve a brick aesthetic specified, both by the client and planning officers at Sefton Council.

The answer was to wrap the original frame and wall with a new ‘skin’ comprising Aliva’s EWI lightweight system. The EWI was mechanically fixed onto the old brick exterior and consists of a 100mm layer of mineral wool insulation on top of which was added a basecoat layer of mesh, reinforcing mesh and a smoothing coat.

Onto this went the lightweight, red multi brick slips with a pressed aluminium feature band added at each slab level.

The system significantly improved the building’s thermal efficiency. A new U-Value of 0.18W/m2k was measured against 1.3W/m2k before the refurbishment.

This project, featuring 3,000sqm of EWI and lightweight slips was highly commended in the INCA 2021 awards’ best refurbishment category.

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Adhesive mortar colours

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