EWI and lightweight brick slips

A new approach to using brick slips in a slim version that looks identical to traditional slips, it offers a lightweight solution that can also be used without height restrictions.

This range allows specifiers to develop their own brick and size to give an exclusive feel to their façade. The range consists of both UK and European brick sizes.

As seen at: 33 Parkside, Coventry

This is a 12 storey purpose-built student accommodation block. Aliva were appointed to respond to the architect’s original design for the building to find an appropriate lightweight solution for its brick façade.

The brief required a brick slip which could adapt to the approved design and be installed safely in a high-rise environment. It also detailed differentiated depths of piers and exposed columns on the building. The designated system matched the brick type, texture, and light beige/grey colour of brick, significantly reducing the weight of the final render and creating a safe, watertight and high-quality finish. The original brick clad building design included a number of larger elevations where windows would typically be placed.

In these areas of mass brickwork, Aliva offered a solution to elevate the appearance by including a relief detail of long linear 320x40mm thin slips delivered at no extra cost to the client.

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