Façade Support Systems

Façade Support Systems

All of Aliva’s façade support systems are carefully designed to ensure that the buildings we clad are secured to the very highest standards, supervised by our own technical design managers. High wind loads, large load factors, building height, national standards, tensile and yield strength are all key components that we consider as part of the support frame design.

Besides designing and developing bespoke systems, we offer a standard range covering the majority of requirements for every type of façade, including ceramic, stone, terracotta, expanded mesh, aluminium and glass rain screen. Our systems are certified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management standards.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Aliva customers want our in-house structural engineering expertise. They know that we provide comprehensive structural calculation reports that can be relied upon.

Aliva UK meets strict requirements for wind load calculations and structural design of fixing systems for insulated render covered by BBA Certificate 11/4841, product sheets 1 to 7.

It is a crucial element of the close partnership with our customers to ensure they get the most from our expert, end-to-end service, which combines highly-developed design skills with detailed technical knowledge.

It means that we follow through to a first-class finish on every architectural façade, insulated render, or render only project.

Find the right façade support system

The basic aluminium cladding support components consist of ‘helping hand’ brackets, either ‘L’ or ‘U’ (Omega) shaped, covering façade reaches in excess of 350mm supporting vertical, horizontal or diagonal mullions. Horizontal, vertical or diagonally laid profiles are secured to the ‘helping hand’ brackets with rivets or screws specially chosen to meet the site-specific requirements.

Whether you need off-the-shelf cladding components, full systems or bespoke development, we have the solution – fully underwritten by our PI insurances.

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