Insulated Render

High-quality insulated render

Given that more than a third of the heat in a building is lost through its walls, high-quality insulated render that delivers a crisp, contemporary finish is a must for any energy-conscious building project.

Aliva’s insulated render meets modern thermal requirements, while providing a beautiful, weatherproof and long-lasting finish to your external walls. Whether you are using it on a new build or refurbishment, there is a render type and colour to fit your project.

Aliva’s render systems have also been awarded the Fraunhofer Institut fur Bauphysik certification for algae and fungal resistant coatings. Aliva UK meets strict requirements for wind load calculations and structural design of fixing systems for insulated render covered by BBA Certificate 11/4841, product sheets 1 to 7.

We always strive to be ahead of the competition on quality of materials and colour. Our highly flexible Termok8® range includes

  • standard colour palette at baseline prices
  • bespoke colour match and strong colours – both at premium price

Government ‘green’ initiatives

At Aliva UK we are proud to have worked with a number of clients on projects to supply BBA-approved insulated render via funded schemes through Energy Company Obligation. We currently partner with contractors involved in the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF).

As a member of INCA, we are keen to expand our work with social landlords and the private sector to provide insulated render under ‘green’ funding mechanisms.

BBA certification

We hold British Board of Agrement (BBA) certificates for our Termok8® insulated render systems – giving our customers the reassurance they need on the quality and safety of our products.

Our certification allows the systems to be used on a wide variety of building types, both high and low rise structures, and our finishes offer a high degree of design flexibility.

The Termok8® Meccanico system is a rail fixed EWI system that can be used on both lightweight steel frame and masonry structures. It has the added reassurance of BR135 classification – which allows its application over 18m in height – and also Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB) certification.

The Termok8® Classico range offers all standard insulation types. They can be adhesively or mechanically fixed to masonry structures and completed with Aliva’s textured finish in a range of vibrant colours and brick, dash, acrylic or clay brick effects.

The Termok8® Classico range also has both 30 year and 60 year durability which allows enhanced system performance over a greater life cycle.

Our ranges hold both Euro Class A and B fire performances, to comply with current building regulations and insurance standards.

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