Spanning the spectrum, Metropolis’ Colours are a carefully crafted collection that enhance the aesthetics of any wall and give interiors a whole new dimension.  When used with our Urban Effects range, the impact is extraordinary and unique.

The range showcases 13 different Colours in lime and acrylic-based plasters and paints for talented interior designers who want to create avant-garde fine finishes. Our products are breathable and washable and can be easily refreshed when required to ensure a long-lasting interior finish.  With everything from metallic and pearlescent paints to a look-alike slate finish, Metropolis’ Colours is the first name for contemporary design.

The range includes our sustainable Old Times range of paint, stucco and polished plaster.  We offer endless style, from glamour and glitz to understated elegance and celestial serenity, or nostalgia for a particular epoch.  Choices include silky, washable micáceous metallic and multi-coloured paints, neo-classical gypsum, and glossy marble and polished stone effects.

The names convey their essence: Soul Cement, Old Time Max, Venezia, Canova, Hot Metal, Mito, Mida, Lady Vi, Moon, Tribal, Metropolis Factor, Harmony and Glam.

Here are some of our product highlights

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