Urban Effects

Urban Effects are Metropolis’ state-of-the-art 3-D textured wall finishes, designed to stimulate your creativity and innovation and add a daring dynamic to design.

Taking inspiration from evocative locations – Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan, Berlin, Istanbul and Jakarta – Urban Effects gives you endless polished plaster and paint textures that work across a range of interior settings.

Subtle colours are imprisoned in dense and artistic acrylic-siloxane resin textured coatings that are water repellent and washable, as well as breathable.

Textured effects from this exhilarating range include cracked and chipped; engraved metallic pearl; oxidised trowelled pearl; pearl textured; pearl-lined; chipped trowelled plus graffiti, chipped trowel + poster; netted gold; golden scratched; prestigious aged, and well-worn.

Here are some of our product highlights

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Combine Urban Effects with Metropolis’ Colours for a unique finish that will resonate with your interior.


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