Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium cladding adds a luxurious, textured finish to all kinds of architectural projects, from college and university buildings to exclusive apartment complexes. It can lift your building from the functional to the extraordinary, creating a striking, shimmering facade that turns heads.

At Aliva, our anodised Alucovering cladding is 100% non-combustible, achieving an A1 accreditation based on testing to standard EN 13501-1:2019.

It is made totally of solid aluminium, does not release any toxic gases or create any fumes. Our Alucovering is also produced with pure aluminium alloy and is 100% recyclable.

Our PPC coated Alucovering cladding has also been certified as non-combustible with A2 classification in accordance with standard EN 13501-1.

Why choose aluminium cladding?

Aluminium is a highly sustainable material. More than half of the aluminium currently produced in the European Union originates from recycled raw materials, and this is increasing. As the energy needed to recycle aluminium is about five per cent of that needed for primary production, the ecological benefits are clear. Apart from routine cleaning for aesthetic reasons, aluminium cladding does not need any maintenance, which translates into a major cost and ecological advantage over the lifetime of the building.

Aluminium cladding is also highly reflective, making it very efficient for light management, and energy saving. Aluminium ventilated cladding protects the inner skin of the insulation against the elements, ensuring a long design life. The air gap also helps to retain warmth, making it possible to prevent considerable loss of energy from a building.

At Aliva our Alucovering profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy of 2mm to 5mm, up to 6m in length and anodised or powder coated from a choice of standard or specialist RAL powder coatings. A wide variety of extruded profiles are available as well as bespoke designs.