Expanded Mesh

Expanded Mesh

Our expanded mesh, perforated and woven meshes enable you to create visually stunning and unusual facades across a huge range of buildings, from car parks and shopping centres to contemporary arts projects like museums and theatres.

Diamond, slotted, circular, flat, shaped, rigid, flexible, natural, coloured, shiny and matt – the shapes and finishes for expanded mesh are endless. This rainscreen cladding option is versatile and flexible enough to realise the most imaginative of architectural plans.

Expanded mesh has many practical benefits including improved ventilation, and enhanced security as well as great aesthetics. Expanding metals is a traditional method that complies with modern green engineering standards. Manufacturing is extremely efficient. There is no wastage of material as the mesh is formed from a single piece of metal. This makes it more economical than punched metal, and exceptionally strong, as there is nothing to work loose on the facade, no fretting strands and no strained joins or welds.

Expanded mesh can be used as a visual screening to harness light and shadows on a building. The reflective and deflective features of mesh patterns can enhance the ambience of an environment, creative a unique aesthetic.

The contemporary challenge we meet at Aliva is to design functionally effective surfaces by combining aesthetics with the technical properties you would expect of any façade – resistance, durability and heat protection. Our most popular material is 3mm aluminium (available up to 5mm on request). It can be powder coated to ensure maximum durability, or anodised according to architectural requirement.

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