Glass Rainscreen Cladding

Glass Rainscreen Cladding

With hidden or visible fixings, Aliva’s glass rainscreen cladding offers you a clean, durable, easily-maintained and visually stunning finish that will turn heads whatever the location of your building.


Aliva Glass rainscreen cladding is available in a huge range of colours, designs, shapes and sizes, with a variety of systems available to suit bespoke projects, made up of lightweight sandwich panels, structurally bonded with 3M adhesives and laminated systems using either a PVB or SGP interlayer with mechanical anchors.

Why choose glass rainscreen cladding?

Glass rainscreen cladding is among the top choices for architects, not only because it is easy to maintain but also because of the ability of transparent or semi-transparent glass panels to maximise daylight capacity in buildings. It can transform and weatherproof buildings across commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential applications, including low- and high-rises, sports venues, and transportation and parking structures.

The development of flat glass technology means glass offers virtually limitless decorative options. Coloured and patterned decorative glass varieties are particularly in demand, as they can create dynamic, inspiring environments. Recent safety glass introductions—such as photographic printed interlayers for laminated glass and direct-to-glass printing techniques for fully tempered glass—make it the perfect medium for large-scale new build projects.

Glass rainscreen cladding also offers a successful and sustainable regeneration solution for older buildings, allowing for the maximum reclamation of existing resources.

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