Glass Reinforced Concrete

Glass reinforced concrete

Glass reinforced concrete is an ideal alternative to pre-cast concrete for your façade – our Glass Reinforced Concrete ranges are lighter, stronger, easier to install and available in a huge array of colours and textures, with endless possibilities for a bespoke finish.

Because of its strength, this type of rainscreen cladding can be produced in thinner sections to meet complex architectural specifications, and is three to five times lighter than standard concrete. In addition to its excellent weather-proof and fire-retardant qualities, glass reinforced concrete is also more water and pollution-proof than standard concrete.
Glass reinforced concrete also offers greater versatility due to its superior compressive strength and flexural properties. Because it is lighter, it is environmentally friendlier than pre-cast concrete, with lower co2 emissions during manufacture. The emission reductions are even greater when the reduced load on the superstructure is taken into account along with the economies in structural frame and foundations.

Due to its sustainability properties, glass reinforced concrete receives a BREEAM A+ material rating. It is also easy to handle and fast to erect due to its lightweight mounting on a range of bespoke support systems.

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