Stone Cladding

Stone Rainscreen Cladding

Stone cladding represents the very best of classical British architecture, reflected in the nation’s most historic buildings, but also in modern construction, where it is your natural solution for a high-end, elegant finish.


A building finished with stone cladding has a natural elegance to it that gives it a timeless quality. Stone cladding is also the natural choice for contemporary buildings that are required to harmonise with their surroundings in conservation areas, among more traditional stone-built structures. Our stone solutions range from traditional 40mm stone rainscreen to lightweight large format panels.

At Aliva we work with key quarries around the world to source our limestone, granite and marble stone cladding. Our range was created to ensure your building has a beautiful finish without sacrificing safety, ease of installation and water permeability.

You can find out more about Aliva’s façades projects here, and you can view the La Scala stone cladding brochure here.

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