Terracotta Cladding

Extruded Terracotta rainscreen cladding

Aliva’s terracotta rainscreen cladding gives you outstanding aesthetic appearance with lasting vibrancy of colour and excellent resistance to water penetration, making this a reliable and adaptable façade.

Terracotta cladding is made from natural materials, and the manufacturing process has minimal negative impact on the environment, making it a popular option for sustainable new build projects.

Being more economical to manufacture than other rainscreen cladding, terracotta cladding is also the choice for architects who want a lightweight, cost effective finish.

Our Grescovering terracotta rainscreen cladding system has simple aluminium support structures that are designed to ensure the easy removal of panels from anywhere in the façade. Clay tile formats range up to 600mm by 1800mm and can be fired in an infinite range of colours and tones. From a simple traditional formation to an imaginative, mixed palette of tiles, this versatile rainscreen cladding can spark the imagination and help create beautiful, durable façades.