Ultra-Lightweight Cladding

Ultra-Lightweight Cladding

Aliva Air is our solution for architects who wish to use stone, glass, GRC or ceramic cladding in combination with lightweight, modern construction methods.

Panels are formed from a layer of stone, ceramic, glass or GRC (approx. 10mm). This is cut and then bonded to a composite panel with a stainless steel backing, using a patented and BBA accredited production system.

As well as being ultra-lightweight, the panels can be manufactured in larger formats than traditional cladding – up to 4.5m by 1.5m.

Why use Aliva Air?

With land prices at a premium, modern building projects are reaching dizzying new heights. It is no longer possible to use stone slabs weighing in at well over a tonne per square metre. Modern lightweight steel frames, SFS type walling systems and CDM lifting regulations all further restrict the use of traditional stone. Aliva Air is an ultra-lightweight alternative that delivers the same aesthetic.

In addition, architects constantly strive to minimise the eco-footprint of new buildings, and Aliva Air stone meets the brief here too. Our ultra-thin panels allow greater yield of the quarried slabs.

You can find out more about Aliva’s façades projects here.

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