Texture design effects EWI

EWI texture design

Aliva’s EWI systems can now be used to mimic a range of texture designs, decorative surfaces and textured coatings with high aesthetic value for façade architecture, creating a choice of outstanding value for contemporary, unique and entirely customised projects.

Aliva’s Termok8® design expresses the connection between technical know-how and architectural beauty with thermal insulation systems born to guarantee the best energy and aesthetic performances.

These finishes can be applied to substrates including cement-based plaster, painted plaster, lime-based plaster and paint, exposed reinforced concrete, precast concrete features and panels, gypsum and fibre cement walls and features, after being previously treated where necessary.

Texture aesthetics entirely possible with Aliva UK include:


A texture that finds inspiration in the oxidation of iron and metals offering a glossy, uneven and natural patinated rust effect for the surfaces.

Washed cement

A finish that gives the appearance of a delicately aged concrete, giving the building a contemporary style with a smooth, velvety effect.

Brushed concrete

Interprets the material texture of industrial microcement, with tone-on-tone chromatic variations and the appearance of a strong, powerful and lasting substance on surfaces.


Represents thick metropolitan-inspired textures perfect for personalising facade design and enhancing the creativity of designers and decorators.


A wood effect reflects the colours, density and texture of the veins in wood, making this finish a highly customisable coating for architects inspired by the forces of nature.


Defines the texture of Italian limestone rocks and the aesthetic of ancient Rome by transposing on the façade the places, the history and the substance of a timeless material.


An effect that animates the facade architecture, streaked is a three-dimensional material enhanced by its shadow effects. Here, light sculpts the texture creating monochromatic contrasts.


Inspired by the aesthetic of the humble eggshell: homogeneous, silky, levelled but slightly woven. Elegant and refined, this effect can act both as a smooth finish and as a thick base for high-tech finishes: self-cleaning photocatalitic (clean technology) or a hydrophobic barrier effect (dry technology).

Matt Sandblasted

Inspired by sand dunes shaped by the wind, this finish alternates refined light and dark shades with delicate reliefs.

Glittery Sandblasted

This effect adds to the Matt Sandblasted texture with small crystals of light delicately inserted on a refined sandy mantle.